Thursday, 22 October 2009


Earlier this month, a vegan goodies swap was proposed on the PPK. This was the first time I had participated, since you have to have been registered and active for over a year (or have over 1000 posts). Anyway, I got my swap package from Mary (aka mittenmachen) today!

Clockwise from the top left - mint Newman-O's, seasoned popcorn, Chocolate Raspberry, Chai Tea, S'mores, Cookies & Cream, and Lemon Zest Luna bars, coffee extract, maple cream, and chocolate extract. I've already eaten the popcorn (which was yummy but is probably why I feel like my stomach is about to burst - popcorn doesn't like me as much as I like it) and the maple cream (delicious on crumpets, but not with Marmite - what was I thinking?!). Oh, and I've obviously had mint Newman-O's before, and they are wonderful. I might make mint cookies & cream cupcakes, or we might just eat them on their own.

I also tried to make hummus today. Well, it was supposed to be an approximation of the limited edition sun-dried tomato and basil stuff Tesco sold for a while. The problem came when I got out my basil, and it was a bit funky. So while my hummus is good, it's not as good as that stuff. I might give it another go some other time.


  1. Oh, that all looks so good! And omg maple cream!