Thursday, 8 October 2009

The healing power of delicious food.

I've been ill for the past few days, which has meant I haven't really felt like cooking much. Just over a year ago, that would've meant canned soup or something from a box, but now that I'm married and have someone else to feed, I have to actually make food most nights. I mean, Mike happily eats a lot of junk food, but I wouldn't feel right letting him have Pringles and bourbon creams for dinner. Again. (OK, that was Doritos with hummus and bourbon creams, but you get my point.) Problems arise when I not only don't feel like cooking, but we also have a nearly empty fridge. It's hard enough to want to cook when you're ill, but even more so when you have nothing to make.

I've been feeling better today, but I still didn't feel like going out, especially since Mike's been off. Unfortunately, we really didn't have anything to eat, so I had to go to the store. I didn't feel like making a lot of effort, so I bought organic baby new potatoes, broccoli, and a can of chickpeas (along with Mike's junk food). I boiled the potatoes and topped with margarine, a couple pinches of salt, and some salt-free all-purpose seasoning. I steamed the broccoli, made V'con Chickpea Cutlets with the chickpeas (and all the other stuff that goes in those), and mixed up some gravy granules with boiled water. Dinner was done in about 30 minutes. Perfect. This is pretty much my go-to meal when I don't feel like trying very hard or don't want to bother going any further than the Tesco on the corner for my ingredients (it's a tiny Tesco Express, and they don't really have much).

The great thing is that I felt so much better after eating it. It's amazing what a good meal (plus sitting around most of the day watching TV shows) can do for your health. I should do it more often.

Mike's back to work tomorrow, and I'm still waiting for a delivery, so I might actually get around to doing the cupboard project! Tomorrow would be ideal, since then I'd have an idea of what I have on hand so I'll know what to get at the Farmers' Market on Saturday. Also, next week's cookbook challenge book is Vegan Vittles, which I actually have, so I'll be incorporating that next week!

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