Saturday, 3 October 2009

Chilli Heatwave Doritos - vegan food that hates me

Ugh, I feel ill. Mike got a craving for chips and hummus (and bourbon creams), so I ran to Tesco just before they closed to get some. The only vegan tortilla chips they had were Chilli Heatwave Doritos. They taste pretty good, especially with the hummus, but now that I'm done, I kinda feel sick. Blah.

So, I had kinda decided to do my cupboard cleaning project tomorrow while Mike was away at Gamers, and today I was gonna blog about the Farmers' Market. I went to the market, and no one was there! As it turns out, they canceled it because it's windy as hell outside (and I'm guessing that was good enough reason, since it was pretty sunny most of the day). But now, I have nothing good to blog about. Apart from being made sick by those evil Doritos.

Did I mention the master index project? If not, I realised that I do indeed have spreadsheet software (I thought I didn't), so I'll be going through all my cookbooks and indexing by ingredient. This way, if I have some soft tofu that needs using, I can use my list and search 'soft tofu' and pull up every recipe I have that requires soft tofu, rather than looking at every one of my cookbooks until I find something (though soft tofu is almost exclusively used for omelets in my house).

Since Mike doesn't go to Gamers until the evening, I might put off the cupboards until Monday when he's at work. I think I'm gonna try my hand at English muffins tomorrow! We go through several bags a week (Mike has them for his breakfast and as the bread component in his lunch). Since he likes plain for breakfast and wholemeal for lunch, I think I'll try to do one of each. Or maybe I'll just do the wholemeal (and hope the substitution works) and buy the plain (since I only have to go around the corner for those, rather than half-way across town).


  1. You just gave me an awesome project with indexing recipes! Thank you!

  2. You're so good to do the indexing of all your recipes, that's such a good idea!

    I don't like when we really want something and then we have it and it makes me ill, the same thing happened to me last night!