Saturday, 31 October 2009

MoFo finale - crumpety goodness

I can't believe MoFo is over! This month has been yet another reminder of the awesomeness of veganism and the vegan community. I've really enjoyed writing this, and I'm so glad I was convinced to start this blog and join in the MoFo. I actually did 31 posts! I'll definitely keep up with blogging, though probably not daily like the past month. I've also really enjoyed reading other people's posts, though admittedly I only read a few blogs. I might go back and catch up when I have some down time.

In my final MoFo post, I'll discuss the wonderment that is the crumpet. According to the source of all knowledge, aka Wikipedia, crumpets are actually Anglo-Saxon in origin. It's traditional British food! For those who've never had a crumpet, the greatness lies partially in simple breadly goodness, but also in what's not there - those holes in the surface that allow your toppings to ooze their way down through the entire crumpet. You end up with a bit of mess at times, but then you just mop it up with your crumpet!

I introduced my sister to crumpets when she was here for my wedding and graduation. She so desperately wanted to take some home that we tried to go to Tesco both the night before her flight, and around 6 AM the morning of her flight (which was only a few hours later). Sadly, they hadn't restocked. But she's since found crumpets at home, so I don't feel the need to send her boxes full of crumpets.

I may have mentioned this before, but crumpets are the perfect conveyance for almost any topping, sweet or savoury. I've eaten them with nothing but margarine, but they also taste great topped with golden syrup, maple cream, hummus, fake cheese spread - pretty much anything you might put on bread, but melty things are especially good.

Vegan Dad has a crumpet recipe. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan on making it soon (I even bought crumpet rings!).

For your delectation, here is a picture of some delicious crumpets with a touch of margarine and maple cream.

Jack is watching over my crumpets while holding some Yogi chai with soy milk. Mmm.


  1. MoFo has been a lot of fun!

    And I used to love crumpets when I was younger but I don't really eat them now as they're full o' gluten!

  2. Rachel, what is the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin? I get so confused with the two.