Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Masa Masala Burgers - except not!

Eeek, I got caught up in doing dumb stuff and almost forgot to blog!

Taking inspiration from Mandee and last night's dinner, I made the Masa Masala Burgers from The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet.  However, I decided that I didn't really want Indian-flavoured burgers tonight (I'll probably go back and make them right some other time), so I used chili powder (the American-style blend, not straight ground chilies) in place of the garam masala.  So basically, they were just Mexican-influenced burgers.  Oh, I also subbed some tomato puree for half of the oil (for flavour and fat-reduction).

Mmm, delicious shadows.  Sorry about the crap pic, but I thought it would be better than the wall of text that my posts have been lately.

Anyway, I served this with vegetable couscous, because what else would you serve with a masa burger, rice?  OK, I didn't have enough time or clean pans to make rice.

I thought these burgers could use a touch more flavour.  Maybe if I were making lentils specifically for these burgers (i.e., just enough for this recipe rather than a big batch to use in other applications), I might add some spice to them during cooking.  The burgers are a bit dry, which is to be expected from something masa-based, so you'll either want some saucy sauce or a drink handy.   I ate them with brown sauce*, which worked pretty well.  Something Latin, like chimichurri or enchilada sauce, might be tasty too.

My next post won't be amazing - I don't even know what it'll be, but I can assure you of that - but Mike's birthday is Friday and we're both off, and we're having friends over on Saturday, so the couple or three posts after tomorrow will be epic.  I'm excited about that.

*It took ages to find a brown sauce I can eat.  Most of them are made with dates, and I'm allergic to dates.  It turns out that Sainsbury's sells a cheap brand - Gold Star chip shop brown sauce - that not only is date-free but also labeled suitable for vegans!

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  1. They look good! I don't use that book nearly enough.