Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bean failure

My intention for today was to make a bean-based quiche-type thing.  I threw some beans in the slow cooker and left them while I was at work (so, about 8 1/2 hours).  When I got home, I tested a bean, and it was still kinda hard.  Dammit.  So, no bean-based quiche-type thing tonight.

I was already suuuuper hungry when I got home.  I was gonna just have some toast, but then I realised that I didn't have anywhere to put the toaster because the slow cooker was in the way.  Then it hit me - grilled cheese.  Even better - grilled cheese with V Bites (formerly Redwood Foods) garlic sausage slices.  Holy crap, I love these things.

Here's a not-very-attractive phone pic of my delicious sammich:

I used Allinson's high fiber white bread, Tesco smoked-style cheese (or whatever the hell it's called), and the aforementioned V Bites garlic sausage slices.  It was one of the best sammiches I've ever eaten.  In fact, I'm really tempted to eat another.

Mike will be eating a Tesco value pot noodle for dinner because we're classy like that.

I'm ... gonna go make another sammich.


  1. Did you start with dried beans? Those have to be prepped in advance. The most common way is to pre-soak them for 24 hours, but I like to use this technique which I find gets them closer to the right texture and takes much less time: http://www.frugallivingnw.com/frugal-homemaking/cooking-dried-garbanzo-beans-making-homemade-hummus/ (it works for any beans, not just garbanzo). Hope this is helpful!

    1. The vegan slow cooker book says you don't have to pre-soak if you cook them in the slow cooker, and I (mistakenly) trusted that. I usually soak overnight+ when I cook beans in a pot. I turned them up to high and cooked for another hour and a bit and they're fine now.

  2. Mmmm, sandwich! I want sandwich now too but it's late, I've had dinner and there's no bread in the house. Fail!

  3. It always annoys me when I open the pot or pressure cooker only to find the legumes still rock hard, especially after so long - booo!

    But, your sammige looks so good, I'd have another if I were you ;)