Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cheater Affogato

We had leftovers for dinner, and I didn't have anything to blog about!  I had some leftover cake from an experiment earlier in the week, so I made Birthday Cake Ice Cream from A La Mode.  It was suuuper sweet - cake plus sweetened soy milk plus sugar - so I wanted to mitigate the sweetness with something.  I had some cold-brewed coffee in the fridge, so I heated it up and poured it over the ice cream.  Cheater affogato!

I know this picture is terrible, but I had to post it so I could talk about the pointlessness of buying Soyatoo whipped cream in a squirty can.  That tiny white blob is all I could get out of the can after having left it out for the specified amount of time.  This happens every time I buy the stuff, so I don't know why I keep buying it.  I don't think I've ever gotten through an entire can because it just stops working once it's been in the fridge.

Anyway, my ice cream was really good!  So at least there's that.

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