Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Vegan MoFo VI, Day 9 - Cookbook Challenge - Yellow Rose Recipes

This week's cookbook challenge book is Yellow Rose Recipes*.  This is one of those books that I love, but for some reason**, it kinda languishes on the shelf.  It pretty much always comes up in the cookbook challenge, and I know I've written about a couple of recipes here (the Sloppy Joannas for sure - they're the best sloppy meat-like substance I've ever eaten).

Because I've used it for so many challenges, there really aren't that many recipes I want to make that I haven't already.  I'm terrible about making sides, though, so there were actually quite a few that I could choose from.  Tonight, I didn't feel like cooking what I'd originally planned (I didn't feel like cooking at all, really), so I decided that I could at least chop up a head of cauliflower and made the Braised Cauliflower.

Now I loves my cauliflower, but I almost always eat it roasted.  Every time I try to do something else with it, I pretty much just wish that I'd roasted it.  But I persevered, and I'm glad I did.  This recipe was fast and simple.  It took all of 30 minutes from taking the cauliflower out of the fridge to sitting down and shoveling it in my mouth.  I got everything cooked in that time (possibly even less - I can't be sure because I wasn't paying attention), which is always a huge plus.

The only change I made is that I sprinkled on some nooch (after I tried a piece) - it was OK without, but amazing with.  But there really isn't much you can change about this recipe - it has very few ingredients.

I can definitely see myself making this again.  It's not exactly like roasted cauliflower, but it's certainly less calorific, and it was nearly as tasty.

I probably should've mentioned earlier about the lack of pictures.  I'm sure I talked about this last year, but it's pretty much always dark by the time food is ready.  Also, one of the lights in my awful kitchen is jacked up, so I have even less light than I would normally, and the light in the sitting room makes everything look yellow.  So, I'll try to get pictures of stuff that I make during daylight hours, but otherwise, sorry.

*The original YRR is out of print, so I've linked to Joanna's newest collection, which has YRR favourites and a few from her zines.  Go buy it!
**The reason is my kitchen - I hate my kitchen.  Did I mention that?


  1. I don't use that book enough either cause it's on the top shelf! I want to make something this week for the cookbook challenge.

  2. Oh I love this book - I am so happy I bought one right before she ran out! I sort of dropped off on the challenge, but maybe I'll do my weekend meals from that.

  3. This is one of those books that I have never bought but it does seem really popular.

    Like you I only ever roast cauli or turn it into cauliflower cheese so it's great to hear of other ways to cook it!