Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Trying more new things

We're on the last half of Vegan MoFo 2010! I can't believe it's already the middle of November. I already have a sense of failure for not getting to things I wanted to do. At least this year I have the excuse of being in work.

The Chickpea Cutlets from Veganomicon have been getting a lot of MoFo action this year. First, Isa gave us the double recipe, so we not only no longer have to do the math to double it, but we can also just chuck in the entire can of chickpeas. Then Katie at Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk decided to stuff her cutlets. Then I saw a link to Vegetalion's Vegan Cordon Bleu, though I can't remember where. This was actually before the other two by about a month, but it's the first time I've seen it.

So, with all this cutlet love all over the internets again, I decided to make some again. I haven't made any in ages, and the last time I did, I used my hummus method. I was shopping at Real Foods after work today and decided to buy some chickpeas and "cheatin' rashers" and try out the cordon bleu. I already had the other ingredients at home.

I figured this would be a pretty easy recipe to make, seeing as how chickpea cutlets are pretty easy to make. I was so wrong! I ended up having to basically use Katie's method of stacking one on top of the other, but since I didn't use her replacing some of the gluten with regular flour method, I didn't make them thin enough (which is also why I had to resort to that method in the first place). They also didn't stick together all that well, so the cheese oozed out a bit.

I served these with another first, roasted broccoli. I burned about 1/4 of the florets, so my dinner was laced with failure. The rice was just the stuff in the microwave packet, but I threw in a bit of soy sauce and nooch, so that was about the only thing that I didn't screw up. Mike said it was lovely, but he left most of his cutlet.

Mike says: It was an awesome meal cooked by my wonderful wife. xx

Aww. (He really did type that.)

I'm hoping to make the Seitan Parmesan from Vegan Celebrations tomorrow. I'll need to have another look at the recipe to be sure I have everything. Hopefully it'll be better than tonight's dinner.


  1. Ok, I have got to cook out of VCON soon. I've had this book since the day it came out and still haven't made one thing. I'm such a loser :(