Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Quick dinners

We went to the cinema tonight (saw Red - it was great). Mike usually doesn't get home until either 7.20 or 7.40 (depending on when he leaves work), so we always have to see a late-ish movie. Tonight's movie was at 8.15, and he got home around 7.20, so we didn't have much time for dinner. In a case like this - short of time, nothing else to cook, or zero inspiration - I almost always fall back on pasta.

Years ago, I never would've eaten pasta without either a cream sauce or a tomato sauce. These days, I almost always make it sauceless. I don't know when I started eating pasta without sauce, but I'm sure I was influenced by my old flatmate.

Mike likes his pasta different than I like mine. He'll eat it with nothing but pepper, but I usually throw on some seasoned salt and tamari. Once I give him his portion, I like to throw in a teaspoon or two of olive oil, about a teaspoon (more or less, I never measure) of lemon juice, and a couple tablespoons of nooch. It's like having cheesy pasta without all the work. It's not the healthiest thing in the world (mostly carbs, some fat, little protein and no veg), but it's quick and easy.

How do you like your pasta? Do you only eat it with sauce, or do you go sauceless? And what are some other things that you like to make when you have less than an hour to cook, eat, and get out the door?


  1. I love pasta but I haven't had it for awhile. When I've had it , in the not so distant past, I had it with a marinara and mushrooms ooo and of course some basil. mmmmmm

  2. I'm similar to you, when I was younger we always had creamy or creamy-tomato sauces with pasta. Now I only eat gluten free pasta and I will nibble at once cooked or I will make a bit of a sauce or topping. You olive oil/lemon/nooch combo sounds good!