Monday, 15 November 2010

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls - like a dream come true

As I mentioned in Saturday's post, I've been wanting to make the pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk for over a year. I think the only thing keeping me from doing so was the amount of time and space it takes to make a roll-out yeast-raised bread-type product. It's a bit daunting. But other PPKers have talked about how great they are, and the PPK is always right.

Another factor spurred my decision to make these. I have a tendency to bookmark recipes online and then never look at them again. I really want to break that habit, though one of the reasons I do it for things like this is that, for instance, I'll see a pumpkin recipe in the middle of summer, when there's no pumpkin to be had. I realised the other day that I actually have so many pumpkin recipes bookmarked that it justified an entire folder for them.

So I was determined to make these, and I'm so glad I did:

As expected, these were amazingly delicious - warm, gooey, soft, sweet, and just a little spicy. I actually ended up with a few extra (I may have rolled my dough too thin), so I had one big pan and one small pan and had to double the icing to cover them all. It took a long damn time - I started some time after 11, and we weren't eating them until after 2, at the earliest (I can't actually remember). But they were worth it. It's not something I'll make frequently (especially since they were so good that Mike and I ate all of them before the end of the day), but I will probably make these again (either when there are more people here or when it's been long enough that I've forgotten how long they take).

What are some recipes you've been meaning to make for ages but still haven't gotten around to?

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  1. Those cinnamon rolls are my favorite! The recipe I've been wanting to make the longest is probably the potato and fennel pizza in VWAV.