Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A note about links

I realised the other day that my linking may be confusing to some. Here's the thing - yes, I live in Scotland, but I assume that most people who might read my blog are in the US. So when I link to a book, whenever possible, I'll give the link to Herbivore Clothing Co. Herbivore is, as you might guess, a vegan-owned company based in Portland, OR. They sell their own awesome clothing, stickers, and buttons, as well as accessories and books. They might cost a bit more, but buying from them puts more money directly back into the vegan community rather than some nasty corporation.

If you live outside the US, I would recommend checking out The Book Depository to satisfy your cookbook habit (or any reading habit, really). Not only are they less sketchy than Amazon, but they ship free anywhere in the world (even if you only spend £1), and they tend to be cheaper than Amazon (usually only by 1p, but still).

As far as UK foods go, I'll obviously try my best to link to reputable UK suppliers. Real Foods, which I linked in my last post, ships for free to the UK mainland. They're based in Edinburgh (with two actual stores), and the shops seem to have more than the website. You can also get a lot of vegan junk food, cruelty free shoes and accessories, and vegan household products and cosmetics from Vegan Store.

I'll try to mix up the links as much as possible, but I like linking to the companies that directly benefit other vegans. If you know of any, pop 'em in the comments.

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