Saturday, 13 November 2010

I love soy curls.

One of the great things about the PPK is that there are people from all over the world on the boards. Every once in a while, we do a swap, where PPKers exchange food and other items with people in other states or countries. I love the swaps because I can get stuff I miss from the US, as well as things I've never tried.

This year I swapped with Luciana, aka designedtobekind, and this is what she sent me:

We've already finished off most of the junk food (natch), and still have most of the non-junk! I have to say, though, I am in love with the soy curls!

So far, I've only used them in pastas. Yesterday I used one of the chicken-style bouillon cubes to add them to Get It Ripe sesame kale soba (in place of the smoked tofu I usually use). Tonight I made my standard quick pasta and threw in some soy curls soaked in the beef-style bouillon. So good!

What I really want to do, and will hopefully do soon, is make General Desdemona's Sesame Orange Soy Curls. Desdemona is one of my favourite PPKers and also one of my favourite bloggers (seriously, check out the rest of her blog). I've had my eye on this one for ages. It looks like something I might have gotten at Veggie Garden in Dallas (well, Richardson). I can't wait to try it.

Speaking of recipes from other MoFo'ers / PPKers, I am totally making the pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Katie at Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk. I've been wanting to stuff my face with these since the first time I heard of them. This is my plan for tomorrow - I hope I see it through, because I want them in my belleh.


  1. Luciana was my first PPK swap partner - she's the awesomest

  2. Oooh - I do love the soy curls (and you, for your kind words); I wonder if you could request you local health food store/market to stock them? I feel the same way about Sheese; I have to mail order it at ruinous shipping expense, or wait until my partner visits his folks in Canada and brings it back as swag!

  3. The PPK swaps are the best, we're really lucky to be able to participate!