Thursday, 4 November 2010


Quick one tonight since I'm just back from a party and it's almost 1 AM here. I might come back and add a picture later, but we'll see.

As I said, I've just been to a party. The person who was head of the department when I was at uni has retired. It was a good time - basically a traditional ceilidh, with songs and tunes and poems, and a bit of dancing at the end (Canadian Barn Dance, since the honoree is Canadian). Food was served; I ate unadorned bread.

But the thing that struck me about it was interacting with others. The first person I spoke to, a friend and the department librarian, told me she'd had red velvet cake and thought of me because it was rubbish (I'd made her red velvet cake for an event and everyone loved it). The next person I talked to didn't remember my name, but she remembered the amazing cake I made for a picnic 2 1/2 years ago. And another person told me that her nephews still talk about the chocolate chip cookies I made when I met them.

The point is this - I am obviously associated, at least in that circle, with making delicious vegan baked goods. I suppose there are worse things for people to think of when they think of you.

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