Thursday, 20 October 2011

Vegan MoFo - More convenience food and a GIVEAWAY!

More flat stuff and being a bit unwell (sinusy holdover from the other day, I hope) equals another review of convenience food!

This is pretty similar to last night's dinner, with just a few changes.  Tonight is Sainsbury's Love Soya sausages (which actually are labeled vegan), noochy Smash, and microwave-steamed veg.

I realised what I don't like about these sausages that I noticed in last night's sausage rolls - too much pepper.  They're really, really peppery, and it kinda overwhelms the rest of the flavours.  The texture is great - very nearly the same as the Linda McCartney sausages - but they're just that little bit different.  And I think that's the difference between a vegetarian company and a company trying to cash in on a trend.

So, remember last week when I posted about Hollow's Ginger Beer?  Well, they sent me free stuff!  And since they sent two bottles, I'm giving one away!
I'm terribly un-clever, so I guess tell me your favourite recipe with ginger and/or beer, and I'll choose a winner randomly!  Since this is only available in the UK, and I'm not sure about shipping alcohol to other countries, this is open to UK residents only.

I promise I'll make some real food soon.  We're extremely focused on getting this flat, but we may have reached another waiting period.  Also, I can't get IKEA's kitchen planner to work on my computer, so I don't have that to play with.  So tomorrow, I'll actually make something from scratch!

Aaahh, sorry, I forgot to put a date on this!  Giveaway entries accepted through this Sunday at 12pm BST.  I'll pick a winner and get your details so I can (hopefully) send it out on Monday.


  1. I would love to win this, it's my favourite drink! My favourite recipe using beer is probably that stew from Appetite For Reduction, SO delicious!

  2. This is lovely ginger beer but I've found it quite difficult to find so I would love to win a bottle. I have a recipe on my blog that I made from it a few months ago for Alcoholic Ginger Beer Bread.

  3. That's the recipe I used in my other post! I liked it, but I don't think I cooked it all the way through, so the middle was doughy. :(

  4. I feel your sinus pain, it's been a while for me, luckily. I really hope you feel better soon.

    And boo to pepper in food.

  5. I know I can't win but my favorite ginger recipe was some ginger snaps your Mom made for me many years ago, back when we lived on Timberleaf.

  6. I love ginger and peanut stirfry. Whatever veg and noodles you like, grate in fresh ginger and garlic, then at the end add just under a table spoon of peanut butter and some hot water to make it into more of a sauce. Deelish!

  7. triple ginger cookies!
    ginger is pretty much my favourite ingredient in the entire world, so it was a no-brainer for me to make these bad boys: finely chopped crystallised stem ginger (that part takes AAAAAGGGEESSS to do!), grated fresh root ginger AND powdered ginger. hence the "triple" in the name. and molasses too, so they're very, very rich and chewy.
    i'll blog the full recipe sooner or later...

  8. Ginger is a favourite drink. Yogi teas, plus a favourite is a little dried ginger grated into black coffee, easy to make and a real winter warmer (which we'll need soon!)
    The Hollows sounds wonderful, would love to taste

  9. Beer battered onion rings, yeah!

  10. Seitan brew stew from American Vegan Kitchen