Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Flourbin delivery!

I finally got my delivery from Flourbin today. It's totally not their fault - they tried to deliver last week, but I guess I was out, and you have to sign for it, so it didn't get delivered. Anyway, here's my haul:

The only thing not labeled is the cinnamon sticks. To be honest, I thought I would get a few small ones rather than 2 really big ones, but I guess I can chop them in half. I should also mention that the Milky Way Cake Bars in the background aren't for me. I bought them for my sister because we couldn't find them while she was here, and I'm saving those to send to her when it cools down (she's in TX, they're coated with chocolate, so you can see the problem). However, once I get a real fridge (not the pee-wee fridge that we currently have), I'll figure out a way to make vegan versions of them myself.

Anyway, the reason I'm excited about this is because I have vital wheat gluten again! Yay! I've been seitan-less for almost 2 weeks, and I have not been happy about it. It's funny how quickly you can begin to rely on a type of food - I only started using vwg at the end of June/beginning of July (when my sister and my best friend brought a pound each from the US). So yeah, I went through 2 pounds of vwg in a little over a month, I think. And I didn't cook for almost a week when I went on my honeymoon.

So, tomorrow's dinner is curry, but I'm probably gonna make something with seitan the next night. I'm thinking Veganomicon chickpea cutlets, some sort of vegan mac 'n' cheese (either V'con or Vegan Vittles/Ultimate Uncheese), and some kind of veg (apart from the peas I'll probably put in the mac 'n' cheese). And it'll be game night, so hopefully people will turn up to eat this stuff.

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