Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cookbook challenge, week 2, day 1 - Vegan with a Vengeance

It's week 2 of the cookbook challenge. I think I overextended myself last week with 10 recipes, so I'm cutting back this week. At least, I had intended to, but I've already made 2 recipes - Coconut Rice and Jerk Seitan.

I have to say, first off, that I loved both of these, but my husband wasn't a huge fan. He doesn't like lemon, but I didn't think lime, which is in both of these recipes, would be a problem. Turns out I was wrong. He liked it enough, but not enough to want me to make either of them again (unless, I suppose, I omitted the lime).

Anyway, I used the seitan recipe from Veganomicon, which is actually the seitan recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance except simplified. I used less cayenne than the recipe calls for because neither of us likes all that much spice, and I ran out of thyme. I left the shredded coconut out of the rice because I'm not a big fan (like the flavour but not the texture). I also used brown rice instead of jasmine because that's what I had on hand. Although I did 1/2 the recipe, I accidentally used the full recipe amount of water, which turned out to be a good thing because the rice needed to cook longer and needed more liquid.

The major off-putting thing about this recipe is the time involved. If you make your seitan from scratch (which I do because we don't have it available in stores in the UK), you're looking at over 3 hours from starting to eating. Now, most of that is sitting and waiting, either while the seitan cooks or while it marinates. But I would recommend this recipe as more of a 'I have a bunch of seitan - what should I do with it?' kind of thing rather than deciding at 6 PM that you want to make the jerk seitan when you have no seitan on hand. It's a really, really good recipe (unless the other person you're feeding is a citrus-hating freak), but you have to either prepare way in advance or have seitan ready to go in order to not be eating dinner at 10.15 PM.

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