Saturday, 10 September 2011

Vegan MoFo V is almost upon us!

Holy shit! I only found out yesterday that Vegan MoFo V is in October! That's less than a month away! And is this really the fifth year of Vegan MoFo?!

For those who don't know, Vegan MoFo is the Vegan Month of Food, when vegan bloggers from all over the world, well, blog about vegan food for a month. Last year, I think we had something like 600+ participants, so maybe we'll have over 1000 this year!

The goal is to blog every weekday, but some people blog every damn day. I did that my first year, but last year MoFo was in November, so I couldn't blog daily. I'm not making any commitments this year beyond the weekdays, but we'll see how it comes out.

Most people try to have some sort of theme, but I don't think I can confine myself to a single theme.  Last year I did a couple of different things, like Mix v. Scratch, but nothing to tie everything together.  This year, I think one of the things I'll try is vegan versions of Scottish foods/vegan foods made with iconic Scottish products (like mince and tatties and Irn Bru cookies/cupcakes).  I'd like to try to veganize some of my grandmother's recipes, which I'd wanted to do last year, but I'm still waiting on getting the recipes from my family.  But we're also doing another cookbook challenge on the PPK, so I'll be posting reviews from that.

I'm open to suggestion - Any Scottish recipes you'd like to see veganized?  Any recipes from the books in the cookbook challenge you want to see (bearing in mind, I don't have Vegan Soul Kitchen or either of the Colleen Patrick Godreau books and will probably do another week of Isa/Terry)?  I have 20 days to come up with some stuff, so if you have ideas, let me have them!


  1. Haggis! Wait no...Although I would be impressed to see a veganised version, even the word just grosses me out!


  2. Wait...where did you read that? It was in October and the last couple of years it has been in November. Who's organizing it this year?

  3. @A Diary... - There are actually several varieties of vegan haggis available here, and it's really good! I tried non-veg haggis before I went veg, and I actually liked it. But the veggie version is not at all scary.

    @laceylovesfood - I think I saw it first on Facebook or Twitter, and it's being discussed on the PPK (in the VeganMoFo sub-forum).

  4. I had a Scotch Egg at the fair last year (or maybe IrishFest)and loved it. I don't know if that's a real Scottish food or just something named Scotch.