Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mini-post - MoFo plans

Considering that I get a couple of hits per day even when I don't post, I figured I should give my fan something to read.

I know a few people are really planning for MoFo - setting out a schedule, theme days, things like that.  I am far too lazy for all that noise.  I'm just gonna cook, hopefully take some dodgy pictures with my crappy old camera and my shaky hands, go to some restaurants, and then write about it.  But I do have a few things I'm aiming for, so here's a glimpse of what I hope to accomplish.

Veganized Scottish recipes - Haggis has been done commercially with excellent results, but I'll try to tackle tablet (which I'm told is difficult with the original ingredients), stovies (basically roast leftovers mashed together), skirlie (Scottish stuffing - made with oats, natch), and if I end up deep frying something, I might try to get a Twilight bar and deep fry that at the same time for a vegan deep-fried Mars bar.

Macarena Muffin Pie - During the PPKamping trip, Amy mentioned a dream about a pie.  A pie with apples and a muffin batter top "crust".  I'll probably make changes to her dream pie, but the apple/muffin pie will happen.

Poutine - French fries, cheese, and gravy - what more could you want in a meal?  One of our friends has talked about it enough that I want to try it.  Even if I don't get the taste exactly right, a) I won't know and 2) I'll still be eating cheese fries covered in gravy, so it's win-win.

I mentioned some other stuff that's happening in my last post, so I'll keep this brief.  But I'm well excited about MoFo.

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