Monday, 4 July 2011


I might try to make this a regular feature, because I do eat a lot of chocolate. But I had a lot of different chocolate while I was on holiday, so I figured I'd give a bit of a review for everything I tried.

First up:

Plamil milk chocolate spread - I did this one first because it's short and sweet (no pun intended). Simply put, this stuff has the taste and texture of a melted candy bar. I don't know if it's the heat or just this stuff, but you could pour it, it's so thin. I could drink it from the jar (and would if I didn't have any self-control). Oh, and it's organic! So it's all kinds of awesome. You can purchase this directly from Plamil, from a number of other online shops, or at Ms Cupcake or Vx if you're in London.


Montezuma's Sea Dog - dark chocolate with lime oil and sea salt. I love sea salt and chocolate. I think it's one of the best combinations anyone ever came up with. But this - this, I do not like. I find the chocolate too dark/bitter and the lime too overpowering. The lime overwhelmed the salt, which I thought needed to be much more prominent. I got it cheaper in Brighton than I would've gotten it here, so at least I wasted less money on it. Slightly loved bar of chocolate - free to good home. As far as I know, you can buy these directly from Montezuma or at any number of health food shops (I know Real Foods carries it).

Moving on:

Isis Luxury Belgian Pralinoir - This is the stuff of dreams. I had to exercise some serious restraint to keep from eating it all in one go. It's like a melty Crunch or Krackle bar, except slightly thinner and with a more "adult" taste due to the hazelnut praline. It's so soft (straight from the package, right off the shelf) that you can bend it. It's got some nice biscuity bits in it for texture and deliciousness. I'm almost glad we found this stuff on our last full day in Brighton, or I might have gone back to the store and bought a case. To the best of my knowledge, these can only be bought in Waitrose, though I haven't found it at either Edinburgh Waitrose yet. Hopefully that will change soon. It's so good!

And last but not least:

Go Max Go vegan candy bars - Let me preface by saying that I've only had the Twilight and the Buccaneer. I'm not a fan of dessicated coconut and can't eat the Jokerz for obvious death-inducing reasons. Buccaneer is what those of you in the US would call a Three Musketeers (not sure if there's a UK equivalent), and Twilight is a Milky Way (US)/Mars bar (UK). From the best of my recollection, these taste just like the non-vegan originals. And even if my memory is tainted, they're close enough that I don't care. They're just so good. Go Max has come out with something like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (Cleo's) and Krackle/Crunch (Snap), neither of which I've had but the latter of which I'd love to try. Unfortunately, unless you live in Brighton (or possibly London), you'll be hard pressed to find these in a shop. Hopefully that'll change soon. I got my stash at Loving Hut in Brighton, but for those of us who don't actually live there, you can also buy them from Veganstore. And of course people in the US will have easier access, though I think there are still few stores that carry them (but do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - no one should miss out on these). Now all they need to do is make vegan versions of Twix and Kit Kat. Mmm.

All this chocolate talk is making my want to eat my last two Go Max bars, so I'll stop there. I'll hopefully post my review of Ms Cupcake tomorrow.

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